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Dr. Judith Gerhart, CEO , CDFA™ / CFP®

TeamDr. Judith Gerhart’s credentials include Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP®). She has built a solid foundation for advising others in her wealth management practice for over twenty-five years, and has increased her contribution to others by offering advisement to divorcing clients for the past ten years. Dr. Gerhart is also a licensed real estate broker, CA insurance licensed, and mediation trained. All of her experience and training provide an expert approach to divorce financial planning.

The service Dr. Gerhart provides divorcing individuals and couples is advisement on workable and financially sound financial settlement options. Divorcing clients must make critical, life-changing decisions. She educates them by providing a financial understanding of the options available for their specific situation, and she discusses the pros and cons of each one. Equipped with an understanding of the financial settlement choices, divorcing individuals/spouses are able to create an equitable financial settlement agreement.

Dr. Gerhart’s personal passion is to work with women who are experiencing life transitions such as divorce, retirement, and widowhood. Transitions like these are life altering and require understanding and compassion. The financial understanding Dr. Gerhart provides women in transition helps to empower them to reach their goals through comprehensive wealth management planning. The planning incorporates their goals, risk tolerance, timeline, and personal demographics to develop a wealth management plan specific to them. These plans offer women a way to work towards their goals – to have some control over their financial future. Dr. Gerhart’s compassionate demeanor and supportive advice helps women to realize they can get through these difficult times of transition.

Dr. Gerhart’s educational background includes a Master’s in Business from DePaul University, and a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Higher Education/Higher Education Administration from Nova Southeastern University.

Jill Rieger, Operations & Client Services

teamJill brings extensive management, operations, and administrative expertise to our team. Her prior experience as a divisional vice president in retail, company owner in manufacturing, and project manager in technology provide a wide scope of skills that enhance her ability to serve clients efficiently. Additionally, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business and is trained in mediation.

As a mother of three and previously divorced, her experience and level of understanding supports her work with divorcing clients. She is caring and easy to communicate with. Her commitment to serving the client and providing top quality service makes her an important and valued asset to our business.  Certified Divorce Financial Planning requires a dedicated team and Jill is a vital part of our success here at Divorce Money Solutions.

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