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“ I wish we had spoken very early on in this crazy game of divorce. I told my friend who referred me what a pleasure it was to speak with you – someone to give a ‘cookbook‘ on how to proceed with a divorce.”
– Vera

Things To Consider

why consider a certified divorce financial analyst?

“Doesn’t a CPA do that?”

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“Doesn’t my lawyer handle that?”

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“I already have a financial planner, so why do I need a CDFA™?”

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FAQ – Additional Questions Answered

What is a CDFA™?
How Clients Benefit from a Divorce Financial Planner?
How a Divorce Financial Planner Helps Clients
Top 5 Reasons for Hiring a CDFA™


what we provide for you in a divorce

Our Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® provides:

  • Strategies for obtaining fair settlement options for all parties involved.
  • Private sessions with an optional attorney present.
  • Conflict Resolution without the hassle of going to court.

If you or someone you know is considering or in the process of divorce, contact us to get expert divorce financial advice in a caring, private, and nurturing environment.

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What is a CDFA™

A CDFA™ is a highly trained professional whose job is to illustrate the financial effects of the divorce settlement option(s). The CDFA’s™ function is to support the client and his or her attorney to help them understand the financial impact of various settlement options and how the decisions made during the divorce process can impact their financial future.

Expert Financial Strategy

A CDFA™ professional prepares the analytical data to illustrate the financial effects of a divorce settlement. They provide support and guidance on financial matters such as:

– Division of property
– Pension plans and Retirement
– Marital Home affordability
– Tax settlements and proposals
– Child support and Spousal support

Collection and Analysis of Data

The CDFA™ expert reviews the financial data and records to perform a thorough analysis. Once the analysis is complete, the CDFA™ assists clients and their attorney(s) in evaluating the divorce settlement options to determine the best solution for the client(s) financial future. In addition, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst© supports the client in:

– Organizing current financial aspects of their life
– Developing new monthly/annual lifestyle income and spending profile
– Identify how to best meet future financial lifestyle needs
– Creating a comprehensive and achievable financial plan
– Making future financial decisions

How do CDFA’s™ differ from a CPA ?short-term-long-term-1024x681

CDFA’s™ review your tax returns and related data for the past 3-5 years to establish a financial history, whereas the CPA looks at only the information for the current tax year.

The long term and short term ramifications of child support payments, alimony payments and property asset settlements are projected by the CDFA™ for the life of the proposed payments or for the term specified in the marriage settlement agreement proposal. The CPA just reports on an annual basis those payments when preparing the current year tax return for their client.

The CDFA™ will look at the type and value of assets and investments, and then project the tax effects based on whether the client holds or sells a particular asset(s). During a comprehensive financial analysis, the CDFA™ may find cause to suspect that assets have been under-reported or hidden. In a case like this, the CDFA™ may recommend that a forensic accountant be retained by the client to perform audits to discover possible undisclosed assets.

So, what is the benefit of a Divorce Financial Planner/Analyst or CDFA™ ?  a-cdfa-is-like-a-doctor-treating-an-illness

The CDFA™ is a qualified professional financial advisor to the client(s) and their respective divorce lawyer. They can act as a neutral intermediary for both parties during divorce proceedings. A CDFA™ uses knowledge of tax information, asset distribution, and long-term financial planning to achieve a fair and equitable divorce settlement.

Why Hire a CDFA™?

The early stage of the divorce process is usually spent trying to get a clear understanding of the financial components. CDFA’s™ can help save you time and money with that financial clarification. In addition, a CDFA™ provides financial education which will help to reduce your stress and anxiety while trying to make the complex financial decisions required as part of the divorce process.

What’s the difference between a Divorce Lawyer and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® regarding settling finances in a divorce proceeding?

what is the difference between a divorce laywer and a CDFA?

A CDFA™ has gone through an extensive certification program that qualifies them to deal with the financial planning issues surrounding a divorce. A divorce lawyer is trained in the law. This qualifies them to effectively handle the legal issues in a divorce. They initiate and submit the necessary documents required by law to secure a divorce. They may also handle sensitive issues such as custody and visitation.
Key reasons for hiring a CDFA™ are:
• Save you time
• Save you money
• Expedite the divorce process
• Identify issues you need to resolve
• Prioritize your resolutions
• Keep you on track through the divorce process

Since 1993, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (or CDFA™) has been the most recognized and established designation in divorce financial planning.

Main Reasons for Hiring a CDFA™ During the Divorce Process

benefits of a divorce financial planner

• Early financial analysis can save time during the divorce proceedings. Divorce in the U.S. usually takes two years or more. Both parties of the divorce proceeding spend a vast amount of time just trying to get a clear picture of the financial aspects during the settlement negotiations. A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA™) can explain the financial aspects of the pending divorce to help their clients make more educated decisions.
A CDFA™ can help you save money during the divorce. By working with a CDFA™, you will develop a clear view of your financial outlook. Divorce proceedings can go back and forth between attorneys and clients, without the client truly having an understanding of all the financial ramifications. A CDFA™ professional can help to educate by providing additional knowledge and support for this complicated settlement process.
Avoid the financial pitfalls related to divorce settlements. A CDFA™ illustrates the pros and cons of a financial settlement option so you understand the effects of a proposed settlement before you agree to it.
• CDFA™ assists their clients with development of detailed financial lifestyle plans to help them avoid post-divorce economic struggles. Common expenses like health insurance, life insurance and the cost of living must be considered when agreeing to a financial settlement.
• CDFA™ professional can reduce the misunderstanding about the divorce process. Misinformation during the divorce process can be very demoralizing. Managing false expectations and misconceptions during the proceedings will help to promote a more attainable economic future.

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